Sharing Our Expertise

  • Industry :
  • Client :
    Food and Agribusiness company
  • Market Capital :
    Privately Held
  • Products :
    Organic and conventional food products
  • Objective :
    Finance transformations from legacy applications to SAP. Project Management, Logistics and Integrated Financials
  • Problem Statement :
    Financial reporting strategy based on too many accounts in the legacy system created a very complex financial system. Operation specific GL Accounts created lead to unmanageable and complex financial system which required intense maintenance.
  • Resolution :
    A financial process transformation along with logistics was implemented through SAP. Business partner specific analytics was strategically implemented and the operation specific GL accounts were eliminated. This process improvement lead to more streamlined business operation while creating a scalable, reliable and more accurate insights into the business operations. A streamlined project management, yet well integrated with financials through various cost objects was also implemented along with logistics modules.