Sharing Our Expertise

  • Industry :
  • Client :
    e-Commerce corporation
  • Market Capital :
    US $500 millions
  • Products :
    Global ecommerce, payments and marketing services
  • Objective :
    Ecommerce integration, billing, calculating client and affiliate shares and profitability analysis
  • Problem Statement :
    The legacy applications that are responsible for billing and affiliate shares were not integrated well with finance. Multiple silos of legacy applications were not helping the organizational growth strategies.
  • Resolution :
    ERP SAP was chosen to address the organization`s Information Technology challenges and puts the business in the path of growth while scaling up the operations. Billing, calculating the affiliate shares, integrated financials, accurate profitability analysis all were achieved by implementing SAP core components. SAP HCM, SRM and xRPM were the additional components/systems implemented.