Sharing Our Expertise

  • Industry :
  • Client :
    Pharmaceutical company known for it`s unique drugs and has presence over 50 countries
  • Market Capital :
    US $27 Billion
  • Products :
    Drugs for rare diseases
  • Objective :
    Financials Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidations. Better costing models in different business areas. Create accurate and more visibility in Finance and Procurement processes
  • Problem Statement :
    Lot of manual activities in FPA business processes which often creates multiple versions of truth. Very complex excel workbooks with lot of manual calculations which often leads to inaccuracies in reporting. No centralized framework for reporting and variance analysis. Consolidations across multiple entities
  • Resolution :
    Analyzed the business processes across the global entities with its key stakeholders. Implemented a centralized framework for financial and controlling analytics along with the ability to do variance analysis. Implemented solutions for handling the Internal Orders. Implemented consolidations. Implemented driver based planning, budgeting and forecasting. Automated the large complex manual intensive excel workbooks and created the framework for scalable and reliable single version of truth