Sharing Our Expertise

  • Industry :
  • Client :
    Major appliances manufacturer with global presence
  • Market Capital :
    US $14 Billion
  • Products :
    Washers, Dryers and kitchen appliances
  • Objective :
    Overhead cost reduction
  • Problem Statement :
    Identify the areas for cost optimization, calculate the accurate cost of ownership, reducing the overhead expenses and increase the profitability.
  • Resolution :
    A thorough analysis was done on the overhead expenditure processes. We worked closely with the business and identified the areas of improvements. We have implemented the processes which provides our client with the better way to manage the overhead, increased the visibility/accountability for the source of cost thereby providing the increased profitability.
    We have also helped our client`s need in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) and Financials.