Connecting Dimensions


Connecting Dimensions


With our know how, industry best practices, many years of consulting experience we partner with our clients to help them in all SAP consulting needs and provide them the best possible SAP consulting services. Innovations, continues improvements and high quality runs in our energy stream guided by our relentless focus on customer satisfaction.


Krishna Ramasamy

Founder/SAP Solution Architect

Krishna Ramasamy, the president of Anvita Consulting has 16+ years of SAP consulting experience in various industries. Krishna founded Anvita Consulting in 2009 with the vision of providing consulting services to corporations using SAP systems. Since its foundation, Anvita Consulting has helped many clients either directly or by partnering with other service providers. Krishna's LinkedIn profile is

Radha Arivanandam

Lead - Reporting, Analytics and BI

Radha Arivanadam has 14+ years of consulting experience. She has successfully implemented many end to end SAP projects in the area of Business Intelligence and Business Objects. Radha is specialized in SAP HANA, real time analytics, dashboards and other SAP reporting tools. She is also an expert in Logistics domain. Radha's LinkedIn profile is